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Access Consciousness - Clearing Statement®

The Clearing Statement® – POD & POD

The Access Verbal Processing technique uses the Clearing Statement:

Right Wrong, Good, Bad, All 9, POC, POD, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

What is the Clearing Statement®?

The Clearing Statement is an acronym that we use to “clear” different energies. It is designed to bypass your thinking, logical brain.

Even if you don’t understand the Clearing Statement® and don’t cognitively understand what it does, it still works. You don’t need to understand it.

By the calling up the energy and applying the Clearing statement® , either verbally out loud or in your head, it clears the energy for you. You can see it as a vacuum cleaner that sucks up the blocked energy.

I use the Clearing Statement® in English because it was designed in English, and in my view, it is the easiest and fastest way for me to use it.

How does the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement work?

To use the Clearing Statement, we first use a question to call up the limitation or blockage. That question doesn’t need to be answered, we just want access to the energy that the question calls up. Then we “destroy and un-create” the energy with the Clearing Statement.

You could for example ask yourself “What have I decided about … (the issue)… that I have?”. You don’t have to say or think anything, just feel the energy (how it ‘feels’ to you) that comes up. Say, to yourself or out loud:

“Everything that this is, I destroy and un-create it. Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All 9, POC, POC, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds “.

Notice that the energy might have a different sense to you. Like this you can change and master your own energetic economy.

Sometimes we just say “POC and POD” this energy.

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