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What People Are Saying...

* When I have my bars run I feel happy, I feel good...

~ Arnold (Long Beach, CA)


* Hello Luz, thank you so much for today's class! I feel amazing! I hope we can meet up again real soon! Take care
~ Veronica (Paramount, CA)


* Luz, Siento que me cambio la vida totalmente despues de este tratamiento de barras. (Luz... I feel like my life changed completely after this bars treatment).
~ Juana A.  (Huntington, CA)


* Luz, When you run my bars I feel like I'm in a different world of joy and happiness. It makes me calm down and I feel like I can do anything.

~ Matthew (Long Beach, CA)


* Hi Luz.... I love how much lighter and more carefree I felt after you ran my bars.  My 11 year old had another seizure and I REALLY want him to know this world. I feel instinctively that it will help him so much.
~ Jacqueline (Long Beach, CA)


* Hi again! I'm so excited to learn the just keeps coming into my mind;) I have noticed some powerful changes in my son since you ran his bars.
~ Jacqueline (Long Beach, CA)


* Thank you Luz for the session today. My mind is still pretty calm and my body.
~ Scott (Beverly Hills, CA)


* Hello Luz, I wonder how things will turn out  and I am better and better everyday.  I am grateful for the session you gave me. 
~ Boniface  (Long Beach, CA)


* Nomaste Luz, Thank you so much for the class on Bars. I am practicing that on my son on almost a daily basis. He is making progress in his health, thank God.  

~ Chandra (Inglewood, CA)


* Thank you

Luz I am happy to have known you and grateful because since I was a child I could not touch the feathers because of a terrifying experience I had. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me overcome it. I promise to buy a feather and send you a picture.

~ Alcira, (Los Angeles, CA)

* Luz's healing touch and clear intuition guided our session. Definitely have a different sense of peace and look forward to another session. I highly recommend you receive a healing session or more from Luz

~ J.B. Adkins

* I took the Bars class with Luz about 7months ago. I was seeking a way to remove the Psychosomatic symptoms and PTSD I've deal with for most of my life. I had heard enough about Bars that I was so ready to learn. It changed my life, probably even save my marriage. Having traumatic experience since as far back as I can remember had me in fight or fight mode as my normal state of mind. Now, the peace, the joy and possibilities are boundless. Luz taught me so much in a 6 hr period, she gives and never judges. I've since taken 2 more classes like body processes and MTVSS which again empower me to know my knowing. I'm extremely grateful for Luz that followed her passion to give and teach. She shares her experiences and pours into her classes the greatness and the gifts that come out of taking a class with her. I am forever grateful and blessed to have met Luz as my 1st Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator.

~ Lety D (Garden Grove)

* Luz! I can't believe that, after the Bars the second day my son ask me to go out, and today both of us found a job! How does 

it get any better than that? I'm really grateful for your contribution.

~ Marwa 

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