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All of our Atmosphere Reiki Charged Mist Sprays are 100% natural and are all made with pure therapeutic essential oils.


Our Peace & Quiet Reiki Charged Room Linen Spray with Essential oils of Fir Needle, Orange, Frankincense, will make your clothes, curtains, sheets, pillows, etc. smell and feel fresh and clean all the time! This room and linen spray will not only make your linens smell good, but it will also provide emotional support and a boost in the mood to those around. 


Shake Well before every use and spray onto room, linens to refresh them.



Peace & Quiet Atmosphere Mist Room Linen Spray exclusively with Essential Oils

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fir Needle, Orange, Frankincense 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil, Distilled  Water and Witch Hazel

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