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All of our Atmosphere Reiki Charged Mist Sprays are 100% natural and are all made with pure therapeutic essential oils.


Our Garbage Can Deodorizer Reiki Charged Atmosphere Room  Spray with Essential oils of Peppermint, Orange, Lemon naturally eliminate odors instead of just covering them up with heavy perfumes. It gets rid of stinky smells,  it keeps your trash can smelling clean and fresh!


Odors are gone within seconds!  And this deodorizing spray keeps working hard – killing bacteria, neutralizing odor, and eliminating bad smells Garbage cans smell fresh and clean for days.




Garbage Can Deodorizer Atmosphere Mist Spray exclusively with Essential

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Peppermint, Orange, Lemon 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil, Distilled  Water and Vinegar


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