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ESSE®– Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment


What is an ESSE® Session? 

ESSE® is a unique body process that combines Access Consciousness™ with hands-on manipulation techniques. It targets the connective tissue and the energetic systems that are spread over every inch of the body.
It is deep tissue work and energy work at the same time, combined with movement.

ESSE® is designed to create changes in the structure and shape of the body, resulting in greater ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems. All the connective tissue of the body can be affected by this practical and energetic method of manual therapy.

“A question starts to change your point of view. Your body changes, so your life will change” ~Andrew Gardella


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ESSE® is an invitation to being an energy that has the possibility to change what is going on in the body,to unstick the glue of judgement in our bodies. It is about unfixing fixities and goes beyond our physical frame.

What if every judgment and point of view is stored in your body?

What happens to you when you are stuck? Where are you sticking yourself in your body with judgements? What would it be to no longer be at the effect of all the things you have been putting in the body? What else is possible with your body when you allow the energy of ESSE® to permeate your body? ~ Suzy Godsey


If you could have anything out of this session, 

what would it be?


When any conclusion and judgement you have is just an interesting point of view, you no longer need to hang on to it and letting it go is just a choice. 
What could show up in your life if you no longer have any fixed point of view to defend for or against? How much space could you be? And in that space what possibilities could show up that you have never been able to perceive or receive before? 

I offer individual
ESSE® Sessions, which are done in person.
What is possible here that you haven't even considered yet?  


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