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Access Consciousness™ Abuse Hold Session


This body process is designed to help release any memories, patterns, and programs of abuse that your body has stored and locked in at the cellular level. However, before receiving the abuse hold, your body needs to clear the conscious elements of the limitations, judgments, and fixed points of view that are holding you back. This can be achieved by listening to the Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse CDs by Gary Douglas, which are available from Access Consciousness shop. The perspectives offered in these CDs may seem different and unusual, but they are intended to empower you and help you take control of your own life, freeing you from feelings of powerlessness and victimhood. This process not only assists in freeing you from sexual, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse from others but also helps you identify areas where you may be abusing yourself. Patterns of abuse can impact all areas of your life, including your relationships, work, body, and finances.




Abuse is not limited to physical or sexual violence. It can also take the form of verbal abuse, such as being criticized, shouted at, or not being praised. Additionally, financial abuse can occur when one is habitually told that there isn't enough money for things, constantly struggling, and receives the message that they are not worthy of good things. This can lead to treating oneself poorly.



The abuse hold session consists of two steps:


 * First Step:

To prepare your body for the abuse hold body process, it is recommended that you listen to The Original Clearing Issues of Abuse MP3 or CD 20-30 times. However, if you have experienced physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse, it is advisable to listen to the MP3 or CD at least sixty times. If you need any verbal facilitation or body process to assist you during the process, please know that I am available to support you. Additionally, you may require a bars session while listening to the MP3 or CD to experience more ease during this process.


What is abuse?

Abuse Hold Session

To purchase the abuse MP3 digital download, CD or USB Stick click on the following button:

* Second Step:

Once you have listened to The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse CD or MP3, you can schedule a session to receive the abuse hold body process. During the session, you will need to lie down fully clothed on a massage table to receive the abuse hold body process. If necessary, there will be verbal facilitation to clear any energy blocks.

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