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Orgone Pyramid - Rose Quartz Crystal Attract Love Positive Relationship- Orgone Generator Flower of Life Symbol Chakra Balance - Orgonite Pyramids Crystal Generate Spiritual Positive Orgon Energy Yoga

ORGONITE - Orgonite Pyramid is a beautiful mixture of resin, metal and quartz crystal, a sparkling guardian of positivity and is popularly considered to absorb bad influences.

ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL - Rose Quartz provides energy of love for your friends, family and yourself. The Rose Pink stone has the power to restore trust and harmony in your relationship.

ZODIAC JANUARY BIRTHSTONE - The Rose Pink Gemstone is a January Birthstone; dominant for the Capricorn and Aquarius. The stone provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

SOUL ELEVATING CRYSTAL - The Crystal Pyramid is considered as a Heart Stone, the crystal pyramid elevates your soul and takes you back from co-dependency makes you feel connected to your life.

ENHANCE YOUR YOUTH - The Orgone Pyramid is believed to enhance your youth. The Crystal reduces stress and can make you more blissful. Anciently the stone was considered as the stone of immortality.

ATTRACT LOVE - People believe placing Rose Quartz in your bedroom can appeal romantic love. Keeping the crystal in the center of the home brings positivity and love to all who step over your threshold.

Orgone Pyramid - Rose Quartz Crystal Attract Love Positive Relationship-

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