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Access Streamed Online POD: Global Access Bars® Class with Gary Douglas in Long Beach CA

This special Live Class is being held in Noosa, Queensland Australia on November 26th facilitated by Gary Douglas, the founder and creator of Access Consciouness. We will join the class live on November 25th (California time) at 3:00PM via internet. Please know that you must have already had a Bars class to join us & if you're interested in becoming a Bars Facilitator, this class will count towards that certification. How does it et any better than this? What else is possible? For more information about becoming a Bars facilitator, please go to the Access website - Please bring your lunch, a massage table or mat, pillow, blankets and anything else you require to be comfortable. Snacks & drinks will be provided. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (562) 415-5723

To register for this event click on following link:

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